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Or else got one and feeling bogged down by the slow pace of the work? Feel that the company would be better if you were leading it? Or else better, you have a family business and you want to expand it? Then we are for you! SPCE SPIT E CELL is over here with a mission. A mission to inspire, promote and help people to not only be entrepreneurs but to be high growth entrepreneurs. Need help? Contact us!


Such entrepreneurs drive our country’s economy and bring a fresh leaf of business to us. And we believe that this has to start at grass root level. And that’s what we are here for. Stay connected and gets loads of cool stuff to read, interact with us and stay updated about the various events and workshops. The parent body of E CELL is NEN. NEN is National Entrepreneurship Network. NEN represents India’s largest and most dynamic community of new and future high-growth entrepreneurs, with over 70,000 members in 30 cities. It provides critical support to start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs through high-impact.

  • img-6 Study Marketing in Germany - The cat is now officially out of the proverbial bag--- public universities in Germany offer free tuition in the level of undergraduate study, and not only to their own citizens and nationals. International students are allowed to enjoy this free tuition status at some of the better regarded and more famous universities in the world. The only catch is that most of these online marketing seminars and business programs offered in Germany universities are offered in which language would you suppose? If you answered German, you guessed correctly. It is Germany, after all.
  • img-5 Seven Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs On Starting a New Business - All you need is a great idea and a little cash. Soon you will be operating your own business. Unhappily though this isn't true. So many things can go wrong and for the unprepared or unknowing the start of a new business can lead to disaster. According to the small business association almost one third of new businesses will fail in their first ten years.
  • img-2 The Qualities Every Entrepreneur Must Possess - One of the qualities that every entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed? You might be surprised to find that there are only eight qualities that are relatively common between all entrepreneurs. If you possess these qualities, they will serve you well. In fact, they've been serving entrepreneurs well for decades. Continue reading to find out more.